Ruby is the best. One of Ruby's many talents is truly listening to my body. She is adept at determining what is ready to move, what needs to be warmed up, and what is currently too tender or damaged to be worked on. I walk away in an altered state—she's a powerful healer.
-Ethan Stark

Massages With Ruby

Massages Delivered To You With Zahid

I have been looking for a capable massage therapist for years.  I was beyond delighted to stumble upon Zahid.  They are so focused and they have a such natural intuition about what my body needs. By the time we are finished I feel like I'm walking on clouds.  It's amazing to have such an experienced practitioner come to my home and to be able to get right into my pajamas and go to bed after.

Massage Policies & Practices

Client Basics



All sizes, shapes, genders, abilities and types of body under the sun are bodies i welcome onto my massage table and love to work with.  I am comfortable with your bodies and the fact that they have body smells. I request that you be moderately clean when you show up for a massage.  This doesn't mean you need to be sure to shower RIGHT before your massage. However, please don't come straight from the gym dripping in sweat or roll out of bed after an all-nighter still rocking the party patina of cigarette smoke and booze sweat.  (yes, people actually do this)



Communication about what feels awesome and what feels not awesome.  Communication about what is going on with your body right now and any information you are comfortable with sharing related to your mental state is also helpful.  I love chatty clients and I love quiet clients. There is no limitation to what you are allowed to communicate or how much your aloud to talk or make noise while you are in session with me.  It's YOUR time to relax and work through shit.


Please check all flirtations or advances at the door. When you're paying someone to spend time with you, it is not an ok time to make advances.



Please don't hold your breath.  Continue breathing full breaths through the duration of the work we are doing.  I find that I hold my breath when I am embarrassed to make audible sounds during deeper work.  Don't be embarrassed to groan, moan, sigh. cry or giggle during your massage. You can also say ‘wait’ ‘stop’ ‘less pressure’ ‘more pressure’ or anything you need from me.  Please don't hold your breath and bare it. . . this is counterproductive. Full healthy breaths and clear communication all the way through. . . that is the goal.





If you are more than 10 minutes late you are considered a ‘no show’ (you will be billed for the session that is forfeited) I appreciate when folks let me know they are running late.  I also understand that sometimes whatever is making you late is also preventing you from calling or texting. Please do not become stressed or feel like you are letting me down in any way when you are late.  You have set aside a fixed amount of my time and you can utilize that time however you want. The reason it doesn't stress me out is because my policy around lateness is that I always finish at the same time.  You showing up late is your choice. It does not adversely affect me or my schedule. Don't stress. Showing up stressed for your massage is also counter productive.


Cancellation & No Shows

If you schedule a cancellation with me in advance all fees are waived. A cancellation within 24 - 12 hours before your appointment requires payment of %50 of the massage fee.  If you cancel within 12 hours of the massage or no show to the massage requires the full massage fee. This enables me to be flexible for you without either of us feeling stressed around sudden schedule changes.



If you have an internal illness you can still come in for your appointment, however I do ask that you please wear a surgical mask  and wash your hands before we start to prevent spreading illness to me or other clients. This is extremely important to me since I have people in my life and other clients that have immune function issues.  Mild illness for you or I can be very serious for others. If you have a rash or dermal infection I can not treat you. Please reschedule.

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